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Hurray....another should I buy this gun thread.

Short answer, maybe...closer to probly not.

A UTG m14 with Classic Army internals. All classic Army internals? Because I believe UTG M14s are supposedly TM compatible while Classic Army does things just a little bit different. For example a TM M14 hopup looks nothing like a Classic Armys. You better ask whoever is selling this to give you some more details.

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Originally Posted by boyofcheese View Post

but this seems to be a decent gun
Seems like a decent gun? You dont even have all the facts how can you make such and assumption?

"Oh its fine it seems like a good gun" = "oh that chicks cute she, that extra skin on her throat doesnt look like an adams apple at all"

Enjoy your sneaky man trany tricked you butt secks.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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