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Thread title implies he's read the FAQ's.

Also for the price it implies the internals will more than likely be CA "SPORTLINE" NOT "ProLine". I don't know if they've stepped up QC on their sportline because it's supposed to be provided to the market for cheap and compete against other clones in the price range but I can tell you that a few years ago for sure that the Sportline internals weren't up to par with the clones in that specific market (proline these days is awesome though compared to like 5-6 years ago when you bought the CA for metal and dropped in a new gearbox into it).

PS: Take the advice MSDFS is offering, I was a minor when I joined as well and I waited, it's not like it's going to kill you or be excessively painful to wait, hell it's not even a life or death thing like alcohol, just wait and let your frontal lobe develop.
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