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So I think I got a deal...

Hey everyone!
So I was talking to my buddy ryan last night, and he was going to sell me his old AK barrel and a silencer. So, I offered 45 dollars, and he accepted. I got the stuff last night. He claims the barrel was 100 dollars when he got it and its 69 dollars now. He said it was some sort of TN barrel??? He said its made of titanium. The diameter of the barrel is 6.03mm. Its 455mm long. Apparently the inside is made of Teflon Nickle? The of the barrel is a graish silver colour. As for the silencer, its a Classic Army. Their are some foam inserts in it, but when I look down the silencer, I can see them. They are not in the way of the BB. Will it reduce range or anything? As I said, I bought the barrel for 35 dollars and the silencer for 10. Pics soon!

Thanks for your time!
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