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Where did you find this gun? If it was on an american website, it is not recommended to try to ship it over due to customs etc. If this is local/craigslist/something like that, I would recommend getting it (I would get it personally, but that's just me as I have a soft spot for M14s."
From what I have heard, Classic Army is right up there with Tokyo Marui, so I would think that 100$ is a complete steal.

When I first joined this website about a year ago, I wanted to do the same thing as you, play in my backyard (different than a forest but still) with friends. This was guarded against, even though my backyard is my own property. The average 40 year old soccer mom does not know the difference between a nerf gun and a real gun (trust me I have one for a mother) let alone an airsoft one from a real one. They will not hesitate calling the cops if they see you, even if it is private property, shrieking histerically into the phone that there are kids shooting eachother in the woods.
I'm not sure where you are located, but I have done some research on this site and others, and most major cities have some kind of playing field where airsoft can be played legally and safely. I would recommend that instead of your forest.

EDIT: In most cases, the events hosted at these fields do not allow minors. If you are under 18 like me, I would recommend waiting until you turn 18 to purchase ANY airsoft gun. If the seller is responsible, he/she won't even sell you the gun if you are a minor.

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