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Should I get this as my first airsoft gun?(Oh no, not another one of these threads)

So me and a couple of friends decided to get into the sport of airsoft. I managed to stumble upon a used UTG special ops M14 with classic army internals for $100. Apart from the gun, It comes with battery+charger, 1000 bbs, a couple mags, red dot sight, sling, and a bipod.

Now, I have read around here, and I know that everybody recommends paying 300+ on their first gun, but this seems to be a decent gun, I understand that it is not the greatest. I do mountain viking also, and I realise that you cant expect great performance for a small amount amount of money. But this gun seems good for casual airsofting in the forest with some friends.

Feel free leave comments/criticisms on my choice, or tell me why this is a terrible gun to buy. Thanks!
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