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Originally Posted by hugoqc321 View Post
for the guns i had, they were total crap.
the best one was a Tm vsr-10 clone that costed me 210$ and it was pretty good til it broke xD

but seriously, sorry for being a youngster, im out, at least for 1 year and 11 months lol
Though i do own airsoft there is a responisbility I and you must keep and saying

forest+friends+shooting= bad

sure it may be privatly owned but still its totaly unsafe, And listening to the veterans is a step in the right direction.

Also well VSR just gives these guys the idea that, well *BOOM HEADSHOT* kinda kids but that may not be so.

so spending that money on gear first is the way 2 go because by the time you get ALL your gear you'll be of age kinda like me being almost there (17)

and thats when you go to games and introduce yourself mabie play etc
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