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Dont get madddd... GET AVed...

Ok kid...euh... I mean SIR... show up at action commando on april 20 DRAKE will be present to age verify you... PM I'm to confirm... you can even ask to going the Milsim that night...

So act and stuff it to all of us.. or don't show and prove us all right...

Cheers Mate,

Originally Posted by hugoqc321 View Post
crunchmeister i dont know whats the pattern your talking about, unless its being a noob, posting noob questions and postin'em in the NEWBIE TANK!

which is, if im not wrong, perfectly correct

but those who answered (1 or 2) i will follow your advice and get the ruger mk1, it will be useful when i will be airsofting for real.

ive been around for a while and i know your rules and totally respect them
im gonna wait to be aved to buy my first aeg, cause when i will buy my real gun, believe me, the starting investment wont be of only 275$

this was a amount supposed to buy a gun to have fun this summer playing in a forest with 11 other guys who enjoy the sport of airsoft and the thrill of surviving in a forest for 72 hours without water and food and to have the feeling that your always gonna get shot.

thanks for those who really answered, im gonna get the mk1

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