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Originally Posted by devodka View Post
damnit, just ordered an l96 (370$) from them, that was 9 days ago, was expecting it to arrive sometime today, but never even got a tracking number? Getting a bit nervous, will have to wait it out, hope everything pans out.
Youve been here for 3 years now? You should have known better.
Have you even looked at their website? 20 days till they ship it. Ie. you wont get a tracking number unless its shipped.

The newbs i can understand... but you? Cmon people do some damn research. Your inability to do any research for yourself is not going to make anyone WANT to spoon feed you.

As for Legros, Considering all the allegations against you, I think a PR campaign in the form of posts every page or two isnt going to really help you. A response or attempts to find a solution would. I would clean up your act and get your shit sorted if you want to repair the damage to your reputation. Its obvious that what your doing now is not working for the general airsoft community.

2000 guns sold? but how many are from repeat customers? How many of those are vets? And how many of those are uniformed newbies who dont know any better? If you recall, I once attempted to purchase a gun from you (back when you were selling better quality stuff on asc), while I got lots of promises from you, I never got any results. Instead of leaving you bad feedback (as the transaction never took place), I was courteus enough to just let it drop and spend my money elsewhere. Walk in store or not, people dont forget shit like that. I know I wont.

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