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Without a sufficient amount of funds you definitely will not be able to purchase anything of remote quality or durability. Neither of any of the choices you have made are even worth the $275 budget you have.

Your budget is the biggest problem. If you want accuracy and distance you will require to purchase something that will either provide it out of the box, or purchase a platform that you can upgrade to perform to your standards. Summer is still a few months away I would start saving those pennies now in hopes that you can scrape together a decent amount to buy something of quality.

In the end if you dont acquire additional funding I suppose you could always purchase the kraken, your cons list for purchasing it is silly in my eyes as all auto electric airsoft guns make noise when you fire them. If you think its to loud then you can open up the mechbox and reshim all the gears that may reduce the sound a little bit. Once you install a decent hopup rubber in it you should be able to perform....modestly. It should be sufficient for your needs to say the least.

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