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Exclamation I have 3 choices and a low budget, please help

Hey guys

Im gonna be playing in a huge forest that my friend owns this summer, and i have to get a gun that is more accurate and has a longer range than those that i have right now.

I dont necesseraly want an aeg, because it will be mostly like infiltration scenarios that we are going to play.

The problem: I have a 275$ budget

I have seen 3 guns that i couldve arrested my choice on, but i need your advices.

1. Aftermath Kraken
No need for a link, everybody knows what it is, but its not good for being silent, cause the sound it makes when shooting is absolutely too strong.

2. Kjw Ruger Mk1:
The only problem i have with this one is that i am not used to gas guns, and that i dont wanna pay 15$ per green gas bottle. I oculd buy a propane adaptator, but is it simple to install? what are the maintenances that i would have to do on the gun, and how regularly?

This is a swiss arms sniper, that i can get for about 150$ plus shipping.
It comes with a good bipod and a nameless scope. The only cons; It is Swiss arms, which is like cybergun(whick means bullshit) but with a different name, and it is USED, and i didnt have good experiences with used airsoft guns.

I would personnaly prefer the KJW ruger Mk1, but I have to know if maintening it in perfect condition is hard.

Thank you guys and please, no : " there are no airsoft guns under 350$ and you need boots and all this gear, i dont need them right now, these summer games will be my first big ones, and it will be with friends only, i juste want a gun which has good range and accuracy, i dont give a fuck about the firing rate.

Ps; sorry for my bad english.
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