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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
I'd glue/JB weld in a hex/allen key.

if it's not too deep that you can access it cleanly, take a hex key and dab a bit of JB kwik on one end, stick it into the stripped grub screw, hold until it holds on it's own and let it cure (4 minutes for JB Kwik) unscrew.

Now if that grub screw is rusted or seized, there's still a good chance that you'll break the JB weld bond but it's worth a shot before drilling it out.
That works...try to degrease it and get any little metal chips out. Plasticine (kids have tons of it) makes for a quick "third hand" to hold something in place while it sets up....if the screw is messed up in a hole and you can see the screw threads of the can use some plasticine to "fill" the threads...then pick out the extra and try the JB weld trick. If you get JB weld into the're done.

Most small/tiny grub screws are so fragile (especially once they're messed up) that you either try to coax the damaged screw out....or resort to drilling it out and retapping the hole.

If you try other bits...some torx bits fit a bit tighter...also some flat head bits might jam in there nice enough to catch whatever's left of the corner of a stripped out hole. With some interchangable bit sets, the bit is by grinding down the bit a bit, you can jam the wider flared portion to catch the corners.

Even the smallest micro screw extractor I have would mess up the area surrounding the typical small set/grub screws that I have.
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