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hey guys, It does seem that some of posting is the same good and bad comments on this forum, but i welcome that I don't wanna hear it form only one person I want everyones. so i can fully understand. I can see that there would be a problem with people not calling there hits and the other person getting mad. with my group and for anyone that wants to come out when we start playing these type's of games I will not stand for any of it, both people will be asked to leave all problems will be handled respectfully. If thats something a person can't do then talk to myself or one of the other team leaders and it will be handled in the right ways. As well I have desided to add a forum on my site with players names that don't call there hits (after a few warnings of course). These are just some of my ideas for this problem. I also want to work with the guys from the pdw and make sure I set these games up on weekend that are free, cause if im welcome i don't wanna miss one of theres. As I said before though this won't happen for a while we have alot of work setting up our land for this. Im about to post pictures I took today of our practice field, these are picture of our land we grow up on building forts and stuff we have alot of work setting it up, pictures will be posted on our website

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