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elitist dicks?

pretty strong fightin' words slim.

I surely hope you weren't directing anything in my particular direction. Mexican Stand Off games and pain games are done in our area. Fun way to end a day of skirmishes, tac-sims and mil-sims for those that want an "extra" adrenaline rush when they play.

Tokyo7 is one of the best knife kill artists in airsoft in Western Canada, (perhaps second only to the russian fellow I met at Westcan Vancouver back in 2005, who managed to kill the driver of a un convoy in the scenario). I've participated in scenarios where I used stickfighting in cqb scenarios (and to make it legit, I DID tape bb's to the stick). So knife and stick weapons have actually been used out here. Heck, I've even seen people using a bokken as their backup, and actually get a "knife" kill with it.

I won't even comment on the plate game. I really don't like it, and I blame AgitProp and Bloodsport for initiating the whole thing. (I'll get you guys yet someday).

Point is, opinions were asked for...good or bad. This IS a discussion thread, and compared to other threads on ASC, this is damn tame so you can also relax a bit. Capradon is a big boy and can speak for himself. No need for namecalling.

Oh, and if/when you actually chose to join the Sask airsoft community and participate in our events, you'll find that when you stick it out to the end, a bunch of us tend to decend on the nearest Boston Pizza for beers and other refreshments, regardless of which team you happened to play on.

I don't see anything mentioned in this thread from Sask player base responses that isn't inaccurate or true as to how we've done things here in one shape or form, since 2000.
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