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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
Ummm you can get 11.1volt batterys that are not Lipo fyi, so being "lipo ready" does not mean that its been built for the higher voltage. Being lipo does not = more voltage. Considering that there are several 7.4v lipo batteries out there.

The biggest difference between Lipo and non-Lipo in simple terms is how much power is readily available (more amperage per say). A regular battery provides about 22, where a lipo is 50, a typical airsoft motor draws around 32. Hence why a non-lipo battery typically heats up and drains faster then a lipo does as the motors is working harder on less available amperage. There a huge write up here on ASc about Lipo's with a link to a great review on them. Best to read up there first before giving out false information.
Yes I agree, but with a LIPO for the same voltage, there is more ROF because the motor turns faster, and if there is more ROF, there is more stress involved.
What false information are you refering to ? I didn't say LIPO is more voltage but LIPO is more power. In electricity, voltagexamps=watts and LIPO has more wattage.
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