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Originally Posted by Najohn View Post
I didn't even know we had one of those haha thanks!

For you peoples who couldn't find it originally here's what I was talking about:

Examples of things you CANNOT import:

AEG magazines with fake cartridges (i.e. P90, G36, SG 552 mags)
Frames, receivers, and metal bodies
Suppressors and silencers
Prohibited-length outer handgun barrels (i.e. USP Compact, Glock 26)
Hand and 40mm grenades that look real
Examples of things you CAN import:

Magazines for AEGs and GBBs without fake cartridges
Outer barrels for most guns
Inner barrels of any type
Handgun slides
Flash suppressors
Scopes, red dot sights, iron sights, lasers
Rail systems and scope mounts
Springs, bushings, gears, pistons, or other gearbox parts
Batteries, BBs, loading tools
Helmets, goggles, body armor, tactical vests, camouflage

Looks like I'll be purchasing an inner barrel and Red dot while I'm down there.
Not always true anymore. If you have it enter in Vancouver its usally airsoft-more friendly compared to Montreal which like to hold on to everything.

Legally speaking you cannot import:
Receiver, or Full non-transparent receiver gun.

You can technically import:
Magazine, whether it has fake bullets or not.
prohibited length of outer barrel
40mm shells

Now here's the tricky part, you're gonna have to appeal it, or better convince the cbsa agent that it is not for firearm.
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