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hey guys I just wanted to comment on a couple of the posts. I would never play a speedsoft. I dont like paintball. As for a league I like that type of game play, maybe it's a little of the c.o.d. coming out of me lol I dont know. I do have a fairly large group of guys that are into the idea and right now we are not talking about a full season of ranked matches, we are talking about a saturday here or there with little tourny's for fun and maybe some prizes for top team. doesn't have to be 5vs5 it would depend on how many guys come out. that doesnt even mean you'd be on the same team every weekend. With saying that I also want to get into the sims as well. cause Im not a one sided player i love all aspects of the sport. As the season goes on I look forward in putting faces to all of you and have some fun, I plan on sticking with this sport for a long time, and being involved with all aspected that can related to it. I got hooked lol. Thanks for the comments boys I look forward to meeting you this season.
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