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Sask League

This is my 3rd season playing airsoft in Saskatchewan, and I really enjoy the company of the people I play with/against. For me skirmishes are probably the most fun, as they are 100% friendly and you can rework teams throughout the day to make it the most challenging and even games possible. Plus the fast pace of the games means no trying to hold a field for 8 hours. I also enjoy millsims since they allow me to improve my game and play style in a more tactical role and problem solve under pressure to overcome obstacles. I do like the 5 vs. 5 skirmish days, but only because we switch teams and I can mingle and work together with so many players that otherwise would only be in front of my sites.

As for a set league where it is my 5 vs. other set teams of Iíll pass. Would be way too easy to have grudges and friction in the community.
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