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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
It seems I've got a problem with my NPAS bolt... I'm trying to adjust it but the allen key tool keeps spinning and nothing inside the nozzle is changing.. I've emailed them about it.. Lets see what they say!
re-glue your NPAS key. It is made of two part. A grub screw and a base. That and the NPAS de-adjust it self. Fix? Use a stronger spring or blue loctite it (blue loctite will prevent the use of the NPAS key)

Originally Posted by spartan117 View Post
does Parts and accessories include a steel trigger set and bolt? because i need one of those.
Is it a receiver?
No, then its okay
I got trigger in before, I got Bolt carrier in before (waited for a week in custom)

Honestly THERE'S NO PROBLEM IMPORTING ANY PARTS EXCEPT RECEIVER, it might get stuck it custom, but it IS allowed. Technically speaking you can own every single parts for a automatic firearm (trigger group especially) so long as you don't have the receiver.
Yes that means from those HK G36 (G36P, G36K, G36KP, G36C) owners you can technically have the full auto trigger, but once you install it both become illegal.

For americans who's reading this: Apparently ATF decided that Burst Trigger is considered as a firearm part therefore subject to NFA rules aka Class III license requirement.
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