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Love it...

Originally Posted by Zaphod View Post
i can do a basic review for you.
Pros: Light, Comfortable, easy to work on, good range and rate of fire on semi (Only have semi in nz)

Cons: External Battery box needed, not really my thing.

If you like them get one if you can. Very unique gun
You can have a battery built to fit inside de front stock... I built one for mine the config is 3+1+1+3 ((drawing in the manual)) PM me ifyou need it...


I actually purchased my cxp because it add a metal body... to remove the body and install it on my M4A1..

Tried it once before selling it... feel in love... I'm selling the M4...

Pros; compact, solid, great for CQB, different (to rail and stock) with the added bonus of being M4 based... meaning shit loads of accessories.
Easy to service split gearbox...
Easy to go from low power inside gearbox to Hi power outside. Gearbox allready metal bushings. Great sights. single or two point sling adapted. has the 3000 motor not the infinity...

Double use: inside 200mm barrel + lo power GB; outside 363mm + silencer + hi power GB (one weapon two guns)

Cons: NOT A REAL weapon... it a concept designed by a guy in the Philipines,
HEAVY for its size, short barrel (200mm) so to use outside 180mm silencer plus 363mm tightbore, battery box...(but you quickly get use to it.. in CQB box underneath and flashlight on right side. does not come with battery



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