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Real Sword Type 56-2 Review

Please see the other review of real sword type 56 for basic info. I will just go over the 56-2 and its features.

The type 56-2 is the same as the Type 56 with the following exceptions from front to back.

Slant muzzle
No bayonet
polymer furniture
poylymer grip
folding stock


The furniture is very strong and capable. I have no concerns.
The front is 100% compatible with real AK parts.
Shown below is the type 56 with an ak47 rail system attached.


The main feature of the 56-2 over the other two types is the folding to the side stock.

The stock is on par with a real one. You press the button to unfold it and then press it to collapse it. It might be hard at first as there is a break in period. The sling loop is excellent, and after my other aks I trust this one to hold the rifle.

The edges inside the stock were sharp when I first received the rifle, I did an edge break with the dremel and that cleaned it up.


I did not notice this till I read the manual. Inside the stock there is a tool kit. Two adapters for the cleaning rod and a small phillps/wrench.

The two adapters:

One is a plastic cap you would put on the rod to unjam the gun.
The second is a cleaning end you would use to thread a swab thru it.

4. Over all impressions

I have gamed the rifle twice, one night game and one skirmish.
The hop up was excellent and resulted in many hits on the opfor.

Why this rifle and not the other type 56's?

1. More modern look
2. Side folder
3. Cheaper

My two gripes:

Battery space is tight.
Sharp edges left over from the factory

I bought the rifle from
Extra mags I got from
Batteries from cheapbatterypacks
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