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The best you're going to get while non AV'ed is smoked lowers.

AV is the best option as it opens up a whole new world. As well you should budget minimum $450 for a gun and $150-200 for gear (all inclusive including a smart charger (if you get a "dumb" wall charger it goes in the garbage where it should be) and extra battery as well as BDU's and a few extra mags)).

Comfortably though $800-900 is probably a better budget for entering airsoft but it can (and has been done) on ~$650 (as evidenced by me). So far though I'm about $900 in, $650 was just the most basic starting gear and a few more things that were "nice to have".

PS: I'm a university student as well, just stop going to the bar and buying drinks for girls or w/e and don't spend money on stupid shit instead save it for airsoft stuff (I haven't had to take out student loans yet and I'm happy with that).
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