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[insert generic introduction post here]

Hi, I'm member #50005 (if only I had registered 5 people earlier). I've been lurking the last couple of days and having a good time reading all the posts. I live in Toronto and have played paintball for quite a few years, but I've always wanted something a little more realistic. So here I am. Recently bought a KJW G23 GBB and love it. Huge fan of gas blowback guns 'cause of the sound they make and how similar they are to the real thing. Really like Glocks, M4s, G36s, and MP5s for the SMG (I was always a cop in elementary school cops and robbers games).

Planning on being at FR this upcoming Sunday to hopefully get AV'd and meet some people. Just gonna sit around with my books and soak in the atmosphere this time though since I've got two exams the next day.

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