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Originally Posted by chaosnemesis View Post
umm. no.. think of it like your bicycle going up hill. On the easiest gear you'd have to pedal (bevel) 72 times to make the wheel(sector) turn once. You'll make it up the hill, albeit very slow, but you'll make it. On the hardest gear( we'll say it's 2:1) you won't even be able to start the climb.

Why you ask??? You are the motor, and you only produce a constant 1/3 horse power. So everytime(on easy gear) you cycle once, you're putting one full cycle of power on 1/72 nd of the sector wich means you were putting in 72 times 1/3hp per sector cycle. Lots and lots of torque. That's why your were able to make it up the hill.

On the hardest gear all your power is spread over 1/2 of the sector. so only 2 times 1/3hp. Very low torque but very very fast sector rpm.
Thanks for your reply! I finally get it now after doing some research online regarding the physics and dyanamics of gear mechanics. Anyways, what is the usual gear ratio range in airsoft? In other words, what is the highest (max torque) and lowest (highest speed) gear ratios in airsoft?
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