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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
Other people may say different, but I've never owned a King Arms product that I was happy with. The quality and reliability have never been what they should in my experience. I don't have experience with that particular item, but I've had mags, 40mm grenades, slings, and loaders from King Arms and none of them have worked right or lasted very long. My personal advice is find a similar item manufactured by someone else.
To answer your concerns here let me say this, King Arms AEG is by far best one out of the box but if you want to use 40mm grenades use only madbulls xm108 or the xm204 hp series by far the best one in the market (trust me on this I owned over 40 of them).
as for slings go for the blackhawk or magpuls and loaders go for the marui ones as the KA even the ones that comes with their galil aeg sucks, the plastic tabs inside will break first. In Airsoft you get what you pay some items are better to just buy the real thing.
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