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Originally Posted by teriases View Post
yes of course.

I got mine here in canada at an airsoft store.

Yes I treat my AEG like a real gun - never point at anyone even when not loaded etc... I actually have 2 air pistols before long time ago and attended an firearms introductory session.

I will be sure to check out events more often thanks for welcoming me.

BTW - Anyone know if this grip is good? I am planning to get it for my rifle for even more "compact" design : King Arms AK Folding 5-Position Tactical Grip (Dark Earth)

Kings arm Galil Style AK folding side folder this stock fits over your existing tang so you don't need to cut anything.


Romanian style AIMS stock this will require you to cut the stock tangs off to mount.

A Rear side folding stock shortens AKs alot but require work to re-wire to take a battery from the top.

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