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"Black" Guns in Sales Threads

Just thought I'd throw this out there, its kind of assumed, but after dealing with a few trade issues regarding this it must now be put in writing.

If you are advertising a "Black" gun for sale this means that either the plastic or metal is black from the manufactuer. This does not mean that you painted it!

If you painted the gun "Black" then you must advertise it as such as a "Painted Black" gun.

Going forward anyone who omits this information will be considered scamming their buyer. Scammers get banned. Period.

FYI this goes for any colour painted, not just black for those of you who like to be technical in definitions.

Also, while carrying on with this also ensure you list all issues with said item for sale. ie - broken mag release, cracked body tabs, excessive play in the mag well, etc.

When packaging said sale items up also, please double check your sales ad to ensure that everything you have listed is included in the package before sealing it up to ship. This adds what a total of 1 min to your time? And saves us days in dealing with complaints.

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