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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
TM gears won't fit in CA box, at least not the V2 I had before.
More specifically, all the gears fit fine except for the sector gear, which strikes the post that the switch spring is attached to
Thats an interesting tid bit, I will keep an eye out for that the next time I look in a classic army V2. I havent worked on a CA in a very long time, since back in the buy a CA and drop a TM mechbox and throw the CA mechbox in the garbage days.

Originally Posted by turok_t View Post
Hey T7, didnt u say that i should be getting all gears from the same brand to ensure fitment? I was thinking about just buying the spur gear as well, but what happens if it doesnt fit with the other 2 CA gears?
I did state that one should attempt to keep everything to one brand, however you stated that you wished for something temporary so I provided you with suggestions.

The non TM gear that I listed was quoted to be Classic Army compatible. Since I am not the retailer I can not confirm or deny whether or not the gear is compatible. Your best bet would be contact the retailer and ask them for sure. In the end if you purchase the gear and it is not compatible then you can contact the store you bought it from and give them shit for being dirty liars and demand a refund.

Do you have any more what ifs I can attempt to answer for you?

What if the retailer is out of stock on the gear I want?
- Find another retailer
What if it doesnt fit?
-Send it back for a refund
What if they dont take it back?
-Im sure you will be able to work something out
What if my mechbox explodes and I die?
-You should probably learn to shim better.
What if my new spur gear causes my hair to go green?
-Buy some purple pants and matching jacket and pretend youre the joker
What if I discover I enjoy anal stimulation?
- Its all apart of growing up

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