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Sunday at FR was my first time playing and I don't mind telling you I was worried about keeping up. I'm 51, 235 lbs & 5' 10". (I used to be 5'11" but I've started shrinking. It's pretty funny until it happens to YOU. And it will. just wait.) I figured I could sit out the odd game just to catch my breath if I had to. I got there at 0815 hrs for a 0900 start only to be told that airsofters never start on time. Funny paintballers I thought. Turned out to be true. Finally hit the field about 0945 for the first game. At 1600 hrs I was one of the last to leave and in between, the only time I wasn't on my feet was when I was in the dirt manuvering for position on the field. Didn't even sit for lunch. I made every game and had so much fun I didn't notice I was tired and sore until I got in the car to leave. Turns out I got a fair bit of sun for the first time in a few months, too. A couple advil and a nap and I was fine.
Now I'm motivated to drop some weight (as per doctor's orders to bring up the good cholesterol) and I'm going to have some fun doing it. My new motto is "Guns Make exercise Fun". I might even put it on a t-shirt though I'll probably add the word Airsoft just just to keep people from freaking out too much.
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