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depends on m4 setup.
High torque have higher ratio, as in the number of times the bevel gear rotates per 1 sector gear rotation, thus, higher ratio gears are easier to turn, and you can pull heavier springs with the same motor, but you lose ROF.
Helical gears have less noise, and run smoother when installed correctly than flat teeth (think of 1st gear in a car (helical) and reverse (flat cut))
downside is that they're a bitch to shim, and you won't find many helical sets that aren't high torque.
Under 400 fps, pretty much anything except high speed or uber high speed is fine, if you go below 350, you can use high speed sets.
(well you can use high speed set any time, just not recommended.)
depends on the ROF, FPS, noise level, and ease of assembly you want.
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