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Well, good news.. I will very probably be getting AV'ed next tuesday.. this will give me some time to check out the Classifieds.

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Impatience and impulse buying is (usually) never a good thing.
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I'll tell you this, waiting to get AV'd is MUCH better than just getting an AEG. It really does allow you more options. Almost everyone on here knows the prices and usually drop them enough to make it a package deal if it's a common item.
Hey, I've been following all your great advice, I havn't purchased anything yet.. And I'm not trying to rush things either, I want to make a good choice I'll be proud of. At the same time, it's really important for me to have a decent gun by mid May..

Only thing is i often hear of ppl going for the same guns..


Does the Classifieds often have guns like FN F2000, FN P90, Steyr Aug A3, etc.. around 400 - 700$ ?

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