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Originally Posted by soldier101 View Post
Battery: Shuangbao 1500 MAH
Charger : has no name, but it's an AC/DC Adaptor
- Input: AC110V ~ 50/60Hz
- Output: 9V = 600mA
What size (voltage) battery do you have? If you're pushing 9v on an 8.4v pack it'll overheat it.

Originally Posted by soldier101 View Post
Well I cannot view the link you sent, it says I do not have permission to view it however this IS a shared account with my younger brother..So, I apologize in advance if he said anything stupid
Sharing accounts is prohibited and grounds for banning; it's therefor irrelevant who made the bullshit posts cuz it's your account, so it's on your hands.

If I got a dollar for every underaged kid who came on claiming the dumb posts were "his little brother's" I could probably buy a new car.

If you really are 18+ I strongly suggest you change your password so your "little brother" no longer has access to the account, and get Age Verified like your ass not getting banned depends on it. I don't really care how inconvenient that is for you; if you don't have time to get AV'd you most likely don't have time to be on here either, so that just works itself out by itself from where I'm standing.

Either way I strongly urge you to get yourself squared away, post haste.
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