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Originally Posted by soldier101 View Post
I am well aware of the provincial laws, and I am not breaking them. I'm 19 right now, so yes, I'll admit I was underage when I first made this account, however I don't think I ever posted until most recently. I never planned on having someone stand in for me, that would be a waste of time on that persons part...For what? To be accepted onto a forum? What if I want to go play with you guys sometime, then you'd know I was a completely different person! I love airsoft, that's it, that's all.
Don't worry I'm 19 as well and I was actively posting while I was underage so no worries about that just I was warning about using a standin. Some members have had their older brother or parent try to get AV'ed for them and their standing in the community has not been good because of it.

Anyways, this forum is one of the larger communities in Canada and a great resource for knowledge and such.

PS: I'm not trying to be hard on you or anything and if it seems as if there is animosity in my posts I don't mean it just that I'm somewhat of a "protectionist" in regards to airsofting in Canada due to the nature of the law in Canada and the society/culture we live in as well as the power of public policy makers/"soccer mom" lobbyists (they wield a lot of power) if something bad happens.

Also ASC is not like how we are on the field. TBH Sometimes I can be a bit of an asshole because I can hide behind my monitor but IRL it's face to face so theres an onus to not be a jerk. (Hey, at least I admit it).
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