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Originally Posted by soldier101 View Post
I am well aware of the provincial laws, and I am not breaking them. I'm 19 right now, so yes, I'll admit I was underage when I first made this account, however I don't think I ever posted until most recently. I never planned on having someone stand in for me, that would be a waste of time on that persons part...For what? To be accepted onto a forum? What if I want to go play with you guys sometime, then you'd know I was a completely different person! I love airsoft, that's it, that's all.
Well, yeah, everyone's on edge and would love to preserve airsoft. He's basically stating the worst case scenario. Go out and have some fun with the guys!

Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
I wish I could upload a few gameplay videos of me on Alliance of Valiant Arms for you guys to compare to.

I am not familiar with airsoft.

What my question is, does the element of surprise work on a typical airsoft match?
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