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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
i agree with brian as well, hi caps and mid caps are acceptable if used in moderation;
one hicap or a few midcaps. but irregarldes, you should strive to get locaps, in the case of the scar where you only have hicaps and midcaps a few mids half loaded is a perfect comprimise.
Agreed.. like I said I don't have an issue with them in principle. My issue is with the type of "run and gun" (or rather sit on you ass and gun) gameplay they seem to easily allow and n00bs are very hesitent to move away from.

Even removing the mag to wind I think is only a partial compromise. I believe part of the issue stems from simply having that much ammo on you. Who cares if you have to remove the mag to wind if you're bunkered down so tight noone can hit you while you do it.

This is why I'm a real fan of standard mags. Because of their lower ammo capacity there's a real physical limit on how much you can practically carry. If someone wants 1,000 round on them they need to have the ability to carry 15-20 magazines (which I'm sure would give said player a health respect for the amount of rounds they have), rather than just 2 hicaps or 6-8 midcaps, which is well within the bounds of practical.

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