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OP: That is you have broken a PROVINCIAL BY-LAW if you are a minor. Not a Federal one. If you're 18+ then it's all good however.

In Ontario the law says 18+, other provinces have "policies" for selling to 18+ but they are not law (policy =/= law). As well there are and have been people who are under 18 and when they turned 18 they were not welcome at the fields because of shit like uttering threats or stuff like that (not the type of player we want to have).

@ Dirty Deeds:

You're possibly right although the join date of the account was in 07 so there is a possibility of forgetting about the account or something until recently (co-incidentally when his brother decided to start posting) but I give him the benefit of the doubt because he would have had to join at 13 if he really was 16 now (not something that's highly improbable, hell I had this account when I was like 14/15).

I also only perused through the posts and it seems there is a slight variation in the sentence structure. (I'm not a linguist at all, I just notice some small things that may mean the poster is a different person).

EDIT: Soldier101: Just in case you are a minor and trying to skirt ASC policy (not Canadian policy or even law just the policy we have here on ASC), if you get someone who's 18+ as a sub or standin and it's found out you will lose ALL trust and will likely be unwelcome in the community.
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