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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
People just aren't getting it that there is no such thing as a SAFESOFT GUN. The man who is the originator of Safesoft as a MOVEMENT, not a PRODUCT is telling you to disassociate the two and you still insist on labeling it as such, disagreeing with his position.

Bottom line: there is no difference between a "safesoft gun" and any other AEG. Safesoft is not a brand or marketing ploy like "Cansoft". The guns brought in under this initiative have had their velocities increased beyond what are accepted field limits in most of Canada to be in line with Canadian importation laws. As a result, many of the internals have been upgraded by the manufacturers to handle these strong springs, even though retailers have an agreement with The Saint to replace the springs before retailing the product. Whether or not retailers hold their end on this or not is moot. If they don't then the gun has internals that are capable of handling the high velocity spring that would destroy most stock mechboxes. That doesn't make these guns special or any more different than if you were ordering a custom Redwolf gun. They're simply guns upgraded at the factory. Plain and simple.
As I stated guns brought in under the safesoft initiative (better?) are suppose to be reworked. That does make them different than a straight factory international gun.

If you order a gun from Redwolf and bolt on upgrades it's not the 'stock' manufacturer gun anymore someone has opened it and worked on it much like the way guns suppose to be sold to the end user when brought in under the Safesoft initiative.

If Safesoft Initiative guns are sold AS IS to the end consumer without modification then I would drop the moniker.


I amend the above statement to

If Safesoft Initiative guns are sold AS IS to the end consumer without modification then I would drop the moniker if the other international versions of the gun where identical
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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