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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I have an inclination to slightly believe this guy. If you look at some of the posting styles and sentence structure of the posts they're not too consistent with how he's typing now.

Still, shared accounts as well as multiple accounts are a no no. Get your brother to make his own.

Also if/when you do get AV'ed make sure your younger brother does not have access to the account. It's a BIG no no and can get your AV status revoked (temporarily until you fix it or possibly permanently).
First post ever, admits to being 16:

Fourth post ever, defends the fact that he is 16:

Fifth post ever, continues to defend the fact that he is 16:

Seventh post ever, argues that at 16 he is buying legally:

Basically all of the posts are from this thread:

Personally I think he's full of it. I would ask him to show up at the LZ on Noob Day so he can be age verified.
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