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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
"SafeAirsoft" as an effort to promote the improved status of airsoft in Canada is completely unrelated to the actual act of downgrading of these guns. Downgrading is done by the respective Canadian distributor, which is Mach1 for ICS, VFC and TSI. Please stop using the term "safesoft gun", it's not the intent.
My bad. I have the feeling that safesoft is going to be a trademarked branding strategy for Canada. I'm rather cynical.

I disagree with you desire to segregate safesoft with airsoft. Safesoft guns are different from the standard international versions. Safesoft guns are worked (tuned) prior to resale whereas standard manufactured 'stock' weapons go straight to the end user through the retail chain without modification.

That is 1 more person opening and mucking around with the guts of the gun, and putting it back together. The quality of the end product may not be the same as end manufactured intent. To add to that the person working on the gun is not a employee or trained by the manufacturer and to my knowledge there is no requirement to maintain quality control on the product. The review by the OP and the review available on other sites suggest (to me) that there was poor workmanship reassembly of the gun both internally and externally.

Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
The shimming out of the box was appalling, with the sector and bevel gear WAY overshimmed, I could not turn the gears by hand,
Comparison review:


I tore the gun apart to take a look why the selector levers were a bit stiff. The gun comes apart very easily and quickly. It is mostly held together by grub screws of the same size, so you basically only need one Allen Key. I found that the screw which holds the trigger switch in place was scraping against the selector plate. There is a groove for the screw, but it is not deep enough. A quick fix with a Dremel Tool. Just deepened the groove a bit.
The mechbox itself is shimmed properly right out of the factory. I checked every gear and checked that they all mesh properly by torquing the box with each try. The gearbox has metal bushings.
The internals are standard. Nothing fancy. The spring is non-linear and the piston head seems better than your average.
So the question that really wasn't completely answered is who do we complain to if we get a safesoft gun that arrived and is in absolutely terrible state; retailer or distributor?

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
And the BC has some 420, while ON is mostly =<400. However, variation on the manufacturer end can put a gun well over 430. I don't know how you run FPS limits where you are, but I've seen some hosts that allow for a variation, and some that set a FPS limit that already accounts for variation.

In facts, depending on the brand, the guns coming in legally are anywhere between 430-460. Therefore, trying to raise field limits to match them is a bad idea.
I do not see how manufacturer variance is relevant. Safesoft guns are supposed to be reworked before resale.
Why is this a bad Idea? Please explain. Will it affect the import of safesoft guns?

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
In additional, a grass roots talk does not equal a standard in place.
When it's the admins and exec of the Alberta clubs it is beyond grass roots. Although not relevant their are private clubs playing with FPS minimums of 450-500 w0.2g. I believe it would be ideal if you clarified what the "field limits" are for the future and standardized the parts that are going into the boxes of the safesoft guns. Or downgrade the guns to shoot ~1joule

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Finally, the businesses are doing their best to ensure that the supply of airsoft guns that beginners are most likely to tap into are not super hot.
I hope so. I would rather see safesoft guns be retailed at the 330 FPS ranges rather than ~400+.
Do you know what ruins airsoft?
(Chair), (Drama), (Air), (Sugar) softers, filthy casuals
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
WANTED PTW Receiver PRIME, STG, Factory

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