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I think I mentioned on the PDW boards that you can choose what you make of Airsoft.. if you have the numbers to start a 5 on 5 league I wish you nothing but the best.

However, I would suggest that before you dive into what you believe airsoft is/should be that you attend more than the one skirmish that you attended this past weekend.

I think it would be prudent to try out the bootcamp and maybe a milsim or two to see if the style of play we value here in saskatchewan is something you are looking for out of the sport. You will find that the vast majority of players who frequent sites like airsoft canada and the pdw boards enjoy skirmishing and milsim type events and are quite vocal about their objections in bringing in a paintball type atmosphere into their beloved hobby.

I can speak for my team that playing in a tourney type atmosphere would not be something we would be interested in.

Best of luck Dennis in getting what you want out of the sport!!


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