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Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
While I agree with you it is a good thing to get AV'ed, I have been waiting for the opportunity, I am looking out for games to attend, but so far nothing is really happening.. but I do appreciate the fact that some ppl are freely contributing by being Age Verifiers, just doesn't seem to be too many of them, and as I said nothing is really happening yet. Its a little discouraging as I'm wanting to have an AEG before a game I am going to in May.. And so I'm leaning towards doing the same as Percuvius. I'm NOT trying to be lazy either, I'm offering to move around and go meet an AV'er or attend a game, so far the next game won't even have an AV'er as of yet anyways... :banghead:
I'll tell you this, waiting to get AV'd is MUCH better than just getting an AEG. It really does allow you more options. Almost everyone on here knows the prices and usually drop them enough to make it a package deal if it's a common item.

There are other options to buy from, but if you do get AV'd you'll at least have opened up that option just incase there is something on here you can't get off another forum or retailer.

Trust me, the wait time is worth it. I was in the same boat as you about two years ago. I bought a 2nd hand AEG in person and although it was a fair price, when I saw what I could've gotten for the same amount of money I was shocked.
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