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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
What 4 teams? Any of them listed below?

Known teams in Saskatchewan are:
Prairie Dogs of War
South Saskatchewan Mercenaries
Death Dealers
Freelance Mercenaries of Saskatchewam
Dont forget about us in Saskatoon! The 306 ops support may not be full blown active at this time but we are certainly not dead.

While I personally do not enjoy the idea of a league or competition like games, I do welcome additional players to the province as it is always great to see additional players popping up in Saskatchewan.

To everyone else who has decided to participate in this thread or decides that they have something to add, if you have nothing credible add aside from snarky criticism then keep your comment to yourself and stay the fuck out. Ive already had to clean this thread of few douchey comments. I will issue infractions to anyone who decides to post more garbage.

As stated before, I may not agree on the style of play but I welcome additional players to the province as an expanding player base is always a good thing.

Best of luck with your new website.

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