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Stupid question...

If a safesoft gun arrives all rickety and horribly assembled is that the fault of the manufacturer or the fault of the individual/organization "downgrading" it?

From what I have read on other reviews a major complaint is the wobbly handguard area, but other area's should be fairly well put together.

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Did you chrony it at 430+fps? The understanding with Mach1 was that Mach1 wouldn't be selling guns at velocity above field limits.
I have a problem with this. What is "field limits" in Canada mean? In Alberta the major clubs have higher limits than the rest of Canada. Last I checked Calgary limits are 420 AEG, Red Deer is 425, and Edmonton is 400-425. The gun shooting ~430 is within normally accepted margins of error in the province. There is grass roots talk starting in Alberta of raising our limits to 430 to be consistent with "safeairsoft" since the limits are so close already.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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