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Have you been out to any of the local (Regina) games that have been hosted? That is where the majority of players in Saskatchewan play. Theres a fair sized group in each of our major cities (Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon), pretty much we mainly play skrims and milsims. Most of us left paintball and its style of play behind years ago.

Best thing to do is get your "group" and come out and meet the main group that plays here in Saskatchewan. For the most part I'd say its safe to say the majority of players out this way are not into leagues. We have our teams and each one is different. Some practice as a team on a regular basis, while others just group as a team for identity and enjoy playing together.

Best to research what your local community and outlying area of established players are into before jumping into the frying pan.

Other then that nothing wrong with another team website/forum being set up. Just keep in mind the majority of players are use to the 1 main forums here in Saskatchewan being the PDW boards and thats where they go to check out games. Posting them in multiple places less frequented just ensures that less people come to play at yours.

Also when did you join the Saskatchewan Airsoft Association? Don't remeber you? Just curious by your Website Page Title.
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