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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
15-20 years ago when we used to play 3-4-5 times a week yeah sure airsoft keep you in shape but now with some of us hitting the magic 40's or 50's marked with bad knees, back, hips etc. it's a miracle to be able to walk to the washroom at night without sounding like you're being ass raped from teh pain in your joints.

I myself sometimes wish I was 20 yrs old again without the 2 knee surgery and other injuries so I can keep my run and gun style of play, unfortunately the wish never comes true so instead I rely upon long reaching AEG and my 40mm to reachout and say hello to my opponents. To keep in shape now adays I actually started to do a lot more mountain biking and swimming.
Good call with the biking and swimming, low impact ftw.
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