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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
But that's also why there's so many games going private now.

People get fed up and figure "fine, you don't wanna learn then I don't wanna play with you." And while that may work in the short them, it also leaves large pools of new players with hicaps, clear guns and little guidance that will eventually water down airsoft to the state of paintball (which simultaneously drives away those new players who come to airsoft for something more realistic).

Hicaps have always been frowned upon. Cheap guns and [repro] gear, combined with the strong dollar, make for some of the lowest entry costs into airsoft EVER. Are mags really that expensive? [rhetorical question]
Agreed, BUUutttttTt..

I think this has less to do with what kind of cap you use and how many bb's one carries on their person and more to do with learning proper fire control and restraint.

Anyone that started playing before to 2003-04 realizes that mags are dirt cheap compared to what we used to pay for them.
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