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Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
Its set in stone now 0-0

but carrying a *emergancy highcap* when all else fails is alright.

don't forget that its easyer to *Test* things with a highcap then loading a mag every time.

don't get me wrong im PRO low-mid cap but highcaps have there +'s 2
lol. I don't agree with carrying them around as emergency either. but that's just my opinion.

they are great for testing. period.

Originally Posted by BoGrain View Post
I personally don't like high caps; but when all else fails better to have an high cap than ending the game early because your low-cap/mid-cap happen to not feed properly.
(I have 3 low cap and 1 high cap for my loaner AK)

Considering the typical bunker noob user, just wait for them to wind their high cap and charge them . Winding an high cap in the middle of a firefight, ended up teaching me the value of low cap and mid cap at my first milsim (I learned the hard way).
sort your gear out before you hit a game thus not having mags misfeed. move to secondary weapon or a rubber knife. switch roles and be someones spotter...lots of things you can do instead of ending your game early due to a mag failure.

if a noob uses a hicap as mentioned, remove mag when dry, wind, reinsert, then it's a non issue. as long as the gun is never fired while winding! exhaust a full wind, then wind it up again.
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