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Not really. It's just the same, at least for me. Took me a few seconds to get AV'd and it was on my way home from work. Spent most of the time just talking too.

To be honest, it's very stupid to close doors of opportunity from yourself. Might as well get AV'd and get a chance to see what others have to offer. Being lazy and not willing to go a little bit out of your way to get AV'd does NOT mean it is a bad system.
While I agree with you it is a good thing to get AV'ed, I have been waiting for the opportunity, I am looking out for games to attend, but so far nothing is really happening.. but I do appreciate the fact that some ppl are freely contributing by being Age Verifiers, just doesn't seem to be too many of them, and as I said nothing is really happening yet. Its a little discouraging as I'm wanting to have an AEG before a game I am going to in May.. And so I'm leaning towards doing the same as Percuvius. I'm NOT trying to be lazy either, I'm offering to move around and go meet an AV'er or attend a game, so far the next game won't even have an AV'er as of yet anyways... :banghead:
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