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I agree that it obviously helps to be in shape, however I think ANY physical exercise, be it cardio or muscular driven IS and WILL always be a form of exercise, so long as its done on a relatively consistant level, airsoft is no exception to that rule.

Airsoft leverages all of your bodies functions, Eye hand coordination (reloading while maintenaning sight of your target), cardiovascular (static and fluid running movements, ducking etc), muscular (being able to lift your 20lbs all metal M4) , muscle endurance (being able to hold your 20lbs all metal m4 while running, ducking add an extra 20lbs of gear and mags and it can become a full body circuit training routine...

These are just a few obvious examples....

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i remember reading an age old adage on this forum awhile back:

You have to be in shape to play airsoft. But playing airsoft does not make you in shape.

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