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Originally Posted by Palucol View Post
Not always..... Depends on your shipping method..... If your item was shipped via regular parcel, customs will usually take 3 - 10 days to clear it.... Vbut if shipped via Express, it will take few minutes to 1 day to clear.....

Xpress post FTW! Trust me its worth the extra $....

Never had problem with CP since I've started using xpress post!
That is not really accurate either. Customs does not care one way or another what type of service you paid for. IF there is a policy in place that they are supposed to expedite EMS packages etc they sure as hell don't follow it. Delays at customs generally are not covered by the carrier as they have NO control over any Countries Customs service. Also xpresspost is from Canada Post so it's kind of irrelevant if it's shipping from say Hong Kong.
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