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"word I cannot say" ICS galil AR (400fps stock version)

got it yesterday I'll start with stuff I like
Pros: The receiver is really thick, as in there is lots of metal there, the stock seems to be made of solid steel rods, not hollow tubes, and it locks into place without much rattling; it has a bearing spring guide, and silver wiring along with a really ingenious hop-up system that uses a stiff spring to push a slightly modified AK hop-up unit against the mechbox; the mechbox itself is a V3, unsure of nozzle compatibility ATM, but more than likely it's just an AK nozzle; the gears are decent, not good, but will last a while, the thumb selector works, but not very well (see cons section), and the charging handle is pushed by a heavy spring, giving a nice tinny *clack* sound, although it is nowhere near the steel bolt of a real gun; there is a very comfortable amount of battery space, fitting a stick type 8.4 without any issue, and none of that stupid AK battery tray crap. Overall build MATERIALS are excellent With great trademarks
Cons: This is where I bash it endlessly; EVERYTHING wobbles, the handguard wobbles quite a lot, the front sight wobbles severely from side-to-side this I can`t fathom how to repair because it is held in only by two hollow pins, the night sight in the front wobbles front-to-back very severely, the magazine wobble is absolutely unacceptable; that said, it takes AK mags. The stock attachment point to the receiver wobbles quite a bit, it is a similar setup to the full stock AK plate thing that attaches to the receiver, except this is held together by 1 really big screw that won`t tighten enough to make the whole thing wobble-free; although it shouldn't be in any danger of breaking. IMPORTANT: The barrel is a two piece, held together by a total for four grub screws, I have strong fears that the barrel may just break apart if you man-handle it. The thumb selector is connected to the gearbox by a very simple modified AK selector plate, the thumb selector does not click at all, and can be confusing to change to full auto as such. The cylinder head is plastic, and the air seal is mediocre at best. The shimming out of the box was appalling, with the sector and bevel gear WAY overshimmed, I could not turn the gears by hand, after a reshim, and motor adjustment, the gears still are unusually loud; the body of the piston (not teeth) after about 2000 rds was getting damaged, with plastic shavings found in the back of the gearbox; the piston has the second teeth removed. The cylinder is brass, and made of really thick material, good or bad I don't know, but I'm not confident that the stock air seal components will work with aftermarket ones, but I was too stupid and reassembled it before I tested. The inner barrel was aluminium, and crap; I immediately replaced it with a systema one; the hop-up bucking is full of this brownish grease, and was disgusting; also made the hop-up somewhat useless.

FPS out of the box: ~430 with .20
External material quality: 9/10
External assembly quality: 7/10 (needed to tighten lots of screws)
External design quality: 3/10 (which idiot from ICS designed this?)
Internal material quality: 6/10
Internal assembly quality: 3/10 (have seen worse on a CYMA or DBoys)
Internal design quality: 8/10 (innovative internal design allowing for mag compatibility and better hop-up unit)
Overall: 6/10
Would recommend to: people that really want a galil, but do not want the annoyance of EBB from the KA, and people willing to do some modification (drilling through the outer barrel pieces, converting grub screws to actual screw to strengthen it, epoxying stuff to reduce wobble)
Otherwise, get something else from the classifieds, as it`s quite sad that ICS had to use some very nice materials, and the fuck it all up with the design and assembly.

EDIT: Stock wobble is fixable by torquing down the attachment plate screw A LOT, and I forgot to say it originally had front barrel wobble, but it was fixed by tightening the 2 grub screws holding the second piece onto the first barrel piece, the front sight wobble has yet to be fixed; I've now swapped out the spring for a modify S110+, and cleaned all the plastic shrapnel out, along with a re-shim and re-grease, it now has an ROF that sounds roughly around 600rpm (only determining by ear, will update if chronoed), works decently, and With systema 6.04, guarder clear, and madbull .25s, the accuracy is... decent, with the stock stuff, accuracy was horrible... Remember, REPLACE THE ALUMINIUM STOCK BARREL, and use it as a blowgun, or a manly slurpee straw, because that's all it's good for.

EDIT EDIT: the nozzle is proprietary, and DOES NOT SEAL AT ALL!, with a SP110 (which in my M16 would shoot 430), shoots 230 with .28s, or about 320 with .20s, I've tried to modify a V3 nozzle to work, but it doesn't, and I don't have the skill to figure out why. The cylinder head is also proprietary, which would be fine if it was metal; but it's plastic.

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